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Aarrow Acorn 5 fitted in log cabin. 

Dunsley Highlander 7 fitted to bothy with twinwall flue.   (Hearth not yet fitted)

Before and after.   Aga Little Wenlock fitted in place of open fire.

Losing the open fire effect often concerns people thinking about a stove as the fire is shut away behind a door.

This short video shows some nice dry hardwood burning with the air controls set to give a nice secondary burn.  This is both very efficient and very pretty.

‘There’s no need to sweep the chimney, a good soot fire every so often will clear it out.’

Jason at Firework sweeping attempted to sweep this chimney.  The stove was drawing poorly after a chimney fire.  He quickly diagnosed the cause and condemned the system.  I then ordered new parts and fixed it.

Cost - £850